Garden Care


Congratulations on your new vegetable garden!  Now what?  Get the most out of your garden with our expert help!

Love & Carrots can help you maintain your garden and keep your vegetables their healthiest.

Professional Garden Service Options:

Garden Maintenance–

Weekly Maintenance is for clients who don’t want to worry about garden care at all – just relax and enjoy the harvest!  We take care of everything the plants need in order to be healthy: thinning, weeding, extra watering needs, fertilizing, harvesting, pruning, plant replacement, trellis training, pest control, cleaning, etc…

Bi-Weekly Maintenance is for people who are already fairly garden-savvy.  We rely on you for day to day garden care and trouble-shooting, attending to watering needs, thinning, weeding, etc.  We come twice a month to tackle big projects, amend the soil, prune, plant crop successions, and make sure the garden is in overall great shape.

Garden Coaching–

We can arrange for Garden Care visits to be at a time that is convenient for you, and work shoulder to shoulder with you, teaching as we go.  Scheduled maintenance visits that incorporate the experiential learning component alongside our Urban Farmers is our Garden Coaching service.  With Garden Coaching, you’ll learn about the intricacies and skills needed to grow and care for your own urban banquet!  For first time gardeners and and novices, this is a great place to start!






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