Get Started with your Bees

beeDid you know that a healthy hive in its second season can produce around 50lbs of honey?

Great news for the world of urban gardening! With the mayor’s signing of the Sustainability Act of 2012, urban beekeeping is now legal in DC.  Bees are an essential part of nature – in fact, bees pollinate the food from one of every three bites we take!  By installing a hive, you are helping not only your own garden, but helping to protect one of nature’s most important pollinators and an essential part of the food chain.  Honeybees are mysteriously disappearing all over the world, and keeping backyard hives is an important step in supporting this crucial pollinator. Plus – bees are fascinating creatures, fun to watch, and produce local honey (which has been known to help alleviate seasonal allergies).

Founder of District Bee Company, Sarah Itoh, apprenticed with Master Beekeeper, German Perilla, and has several years of local experience keeping bees.  If you’re interested in a hive of your own, email: today, as she has a limited number of hives for the season!

How it Works 

Honeybees have survived on their own in the wild for thousands of years. However, when keeping bees it is best to keep a keen eye on them in their first few months. They are not needy creatures but they will need to be fed in the beginning to aid in honeycomb production. 

Harvesting Honey 

Many flowering plants need the help of pollinators, such as honeybees, to transfer pollen between flowers of the same species. One of the best ways a plant can attract a pollinator is with the sweet nectar found in flowers. Honeybees harvest the nectar and turn it into delicious honey! Lucky for us, honeybees don’t always use all of the honey they produce! Once your hive is established, you can expect between 30-50 lbs of honey a year.

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